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Pick a date and we bring you out to one of the cays to spend the day on the boat. You can bring food and drink. Min capacity is 4 and max 6. Earliest departure at 9 am but you can choose your time of preference. You have until 630pm to stay and then we bring you back to land. This tour is $50 per person.

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We offer you a boat trip to Parguera’s Bioluminiscent Bay. You get a little talk about what makes the bay glow. Afterwards you get the chance to jump in the water and experience swimming in the Bio Bay. Your time in the water depends on your preference but our average time is an hour. This tour is $45 dollars per person.

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We offer you a daytime tour through all of Pargueras Cays, oceanfront houses and provide with a little history of them and our town in general. This tour has capacity for 10 people and is worth $10 dollars per person. We encourage you to take this tour at sunset before our Bio Bay tour for a magical experience.

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We offer you transportation from Parguera's shore to a further away sandy cat depending on your preference where you can chill through the beautiful channels or kayak through the area. We have space for 6 adults available per group. Our kayaks are two seaters but could fit a small child in the middle. The price per person is $50 dollars. The time you stay on the island can be arrange and could be from 2 to 6 hours. Snacks and a small cooler, water shoes and a phone for communication are suggested.

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We offer you a 2 seater kayak so you can explore La Parguera on your own. You can choose any time from 10 am to 6 pm. The cost is $25 dolars per person and we have space for 12 adults. Our kayaks can fit one small child in the middle and the cost for them is 10 dollars. We encourage you to stay near shore if it is not a guided tour and will need you to follow our instructions very carefuly to avoid any possible accident such as your kayak flipping or collision with a boat.

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This tour includes a boat trip to a remote quiet place where we perform a one hour meditation session or we can arrange for your preferred length of time for the session. There is no previous experience needed for this tour. We offer mindfulness meditation, breath awareness meditation and body scan meditation. You can also choose the combination of your preference. Our intention with this tour is for you to relax and connect with your inner self and all the beautiful sceneries that will surround us. This tour is encouraged for groups with a max capacity for ten people but we can also arrange several trips if the group is bigger. This tour is worth 50 dollars per person.

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Based on your previous experience and comfort snorkeling you can choose between snorkeling through shallow mangrove channels or at the reef which is deeper and encouraged for people who are comfortable in the water and want to see coral and bigger fish. We provide you with masks, snorkel and fins or you could bring your own. This tour has a max capacity of 4 people and is worth $40 dollars per person.

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We bring you to the best natural pool in La Parguera located in a cay that is prepared with facilities such as bathrooms, place to change your clothes, gazebos, space to make barbecue and a beautiful dock surrounded by mangrove in which you can walk around the island. You can bring food, your own grill and beverages. Please bring or ask for trash bags to pick up your trash and help us maintain the island clean. Normally we take people out from 11 to mid day and pick you up from 5 to 6 pm. But we can also adjust to your time of preference. This tour is $15 dollars per person.

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